What’s In A Name? Why Percussion?

Percussion, our brand, speaks to both our philosophy and our approach. The percussion element of any musical entity, whether an expansive orchestra or a four-person rock band, is critical in setting the pace of a musical narrative and in bringing together the sections and players that make up the musical unit as a whole. If one player or more is out of step with the intended rhythm, the result is cacophony.

In applying this metaphor to business, if one or more team members are out of step with the organization as a whole, not only can communications goals be compromised, but so too can the organization’s business goals, creating confusion among core constituents both outside and within the organization.

Percussion Communications Group prides itself on four key values that direct the work for our clients:

  • Understanding with depth and breadth our clients’ business goals
  • Strong knowledge of their business and the industries in which they operate
  • Strategic and tactical programs that reach our clients’ core constituents
  • Relentless follow-up to achieve our clients’ communications objectives


We pride ourselves on providing an outside point of view; raising issues and points that our clients may have overlooked. Our fresh perspective often results in the creation of stories and ultimately exposure where previously no opportunities seemed to exist.

As a boutique PR firm, we have eliminated many of the distractions that bog down larger organizations. Given our size and low overhead, our senior executives are not distracted by overwhelming administrative issues or the relentless need to seek out new business that often leave the day-to-day handling of important account work to junior level staff.